Batman Begins (Zimmer/Howard)
The Beans of Egypt, Maine (Peter Manning Robinson)
Blade Runner (Vangelis)
Blind Fury (J. Peter Robinson)
The Blood of Heroes (Boekelheide)
A Breed Apart (Gibb)
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (Burwell)
Chanel Solitaire (Musy)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (Wurman)
Eureka (Myers)
Flesh + Blood (Poledouris)
The Hitcher (Isham)
Keetje Tippel (van Otterloo)
Ladyhawke (Powell
Nighthawks (Emerson)
Nostradamus (Pheloung)
The Osterman Weekend (Schifrin)
The Rite (Heffes)
Soldier of Orange (van Otterloo)
Spetters (Scherpenzeel)
Split Second (Haines/Parsons)
Surviving the Game (Copeland)
Turkish Delight (van Otterloo)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (Renzetti)
The Wilby Conspiracy (Myers)
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